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The Phoenix - Ultimate IWB Holster


Product Description

**THIS IS A CUSTOM PRODUCT and is subject to an estimated lead time of approximately 20-30 days. Please note that our estimated lead time is an ESTIMATE, and may not always be exact. If a delay is present for custom orders placed during specific time periods, a notice will be posted on the homepage of our website - www.alphaconceal.com.**




In Greek mythology, the phoenix was a legendary creature with an incredibly long lifespan. At the end of its life, it would die in a show of flames and combustion, a new phoenix rising from the ashes of its predecessor. It was said to be of similar size to an eagle, with wings of fire and two razor-sharp talons. 

The Phoenix is our Ultimate Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster, and is so named for its appearance: the two Appendix Clips on the front of the holster are said to resemble the talons of a phoenix.


  • The Phoenix is designed to be worn in any position inside the waistband - the holster clips onto your belt and is worn inside your pants.
  • This holster is ideal for carrying concealed.

About This Holster

We refer to this holster as our Ultimate IWB because it comes standard with a number of features that offer incomparable concealability: its slim design prevents excess bulk, its smooth rounded edges offer maximum comfort, the detachable claw on the left side of the holster aids in concealment, and the two Appendix Clips (as opposed to a singular clip) offer maximum stability.

The Phoenix is molded to fit a specific handgun model; your handgun will only fit in the holster that is designed specifically for it. This holster does not accommodate any weapon-mounted lights, such as the TLR1 or Inforce APL. If you are running a light on your gun, you’ll want to check out the light-bearing version of The Phoenix, The Gryphon.

The Phoenix comes with two of our Appendix Clips, which hook onto your belt. The clips are available in two different sizes: 1.5", which most belts will fit through, or 1.75". The clips also come with multiple predrilled holes, which allows for adjustable ride height and adjustable cant. You choose which size Appendix Clips you prefer during checkout.  If you're not sure which size you need, you can always head over to our Extra Hardware section to purchase larger Appendix Clips. This style of clip also allows the customer to tuck their shirt in.

The customer can choose to remove the clip furthest from the concealment claw if they prefer a one-clip style holster. However, this clip does help push the gun closer to your body (which aids in concealment) due to the fact that it's placed on the curve of the holster. You should not remove the clip closest to the concealment claw, as the screws that hold it in place are used to adjust the holster's retention. Removing that clip will result in a poor fit.

As mentioned above, the holster comes with adjustable retention. It is controlled by four screws - the two screws that hold the concealment claw into place, and the two screws that hold the clip closest to the concealment claw. Adjust all four screws equally, otherwise it may result in a poor fit. This allows the customer to select a tighter or looser fit on their gun. 

The concealment claw on the left side (right side if you’re a left-handed shooter) of the holster rests against the back side of your belt, forcing the grip of the gun further into the body than normal, aiding in concealment. This is something that most customers need to get used to, as it can be uncomfortable at first. Therefore, the concealment claw is detachable, in case you decide it’s something you’d rather do without. 

This holster is made from one piece of Kydex, strategically molded around the gun, and fastened together with quality hardware.

The holster can be customized in your choice of 34 different colors or patterns. Click here to view color options.




Product Reviews

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  1. Just buy it!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2017

    So like many gun owners, I have a drawer full of different types of holsters, some are great for certain articles of clothing or events. This holster is now my one all be all holster and will be buying another for my other carry weapons.

  2. the best service and delivery

    Posted by Myron Fineberg on 1st May 2017

    Thanks so much for holster #2. I'm extremely pleased with the results! Both Glocks fit "like a glove"!!

  3. P320 Phoenix

    Posted by paul on 24th Apr 2017

    Ordered a Phoenix IWB holster for my sig P320 compact. I liked how you could customize the holster with the claw, and the 2 carry clips, which can all be removed. Ride height is easily adjustable. Got the FDE Carson fiber to match my gun, and it looks great. Customer service was excellent. There was a delay in shipping my holster, but they were very apologetic and actually offered me a small credit for my inconvenience. Will definitely be ordering more holsters from them. You can tell they care about their product and reputation, and work really hard to keep their customers happy.

  4. 5 stars for each item I purchased!

    Posted by Frank on 7th Apr 2017

    I'm very happy with my recent purchase; I ordered 2 holsters and two magazine carriers. All items exceeded the quality of any kydex holster in my area; not to mention they're are customized. I highly recommend the purchase, it's worth the wait when it comes to QUALITY for your hard earned money. @frankavellirizzo

  5. first impression 2 days in

    Posted by Joshua Doss on 1st Apr 2017

    The build quality and attention to detail are great. All edges rounded and buffed smooth.
    This is the first holster I have used with clips. I'm a soft loop guy. It makes sense to use hard clips with the design of the phoenix.
    Between the clips and the claw/ wing the butt of my Glock 21sf really sucks in.
    Right now i am in the process of adjusting this holster to for me. A learning curve for me. This is also the first holsterI habe used with multiple attachment points for the hardware. Which by the wayI really like.
    Having 2 clips makes this holster sir over my appendix nice and solid. It does not swim around on me.
    The retention adjustability is quite nice. A good range of choice.
    I ordered mine in cool guy MAS GREY. Great color.
    The holster arrived about 33 days after ordering. The lead time when i ordered was 20-30 days. If you take away the Sundays 5 days or Saturdays and Sundays 10. It arrived in 23-28 days. Either way fast and worth the short wait.
    When it arrived. The packaging is very professional. The holster was nice and clean. No little bits of kydex. There was even a hand signed thank you card from the"man" himself. Your very welcome.
    I will post more information once i have had time to finish adjusting the holster. So far GREAT!

  6. Great!

    Posted by Nick on 7th Mar 2017

    I was waiting for this once I saw the Gryphon. Fit and finish are awesome, the holster stays in place and is as comfortable as a G19 AIWB could be expected. Really happy I waited until this holster was available, rather than getting something else. I've converted at least one of my buddies to Alpha based on this and another holster of theirs I have.

  7. Excellent holster, excellent company

    Posted by Ron on 17th Feb 2017

    I am very happy with this purchase. I stopped by their shop and discussed options for at least 30 minutes and tried on floor models with a training gun to really get a feel for what I was buying. Great costumer service and they got me the holster quickly. The quality is superb, the Pheonix keeps my gun secure, accessible, and well concealed. I will definitely purchase more Alpha Concealment Systems products in the future.

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