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The Phoenix - Ultimate IWB Holster


Product Description

**THIS IS A CUSTOM PRODUCT and is subject to an estimated lead time of approximately 20-30 days. Please note that our estimated lead time is an ESTIMATE, and may not always be exact. If a delay is present for custom orders placed during specific time periods, a notice will be posted on the homepage of our website - www.alphaconceal.com.**




In Greek mythology, the phoenix was a legendary creature with an incredibly long lifespan. At the end of its life, it would die in a show of flames and combustion, a new phoenix rising from the ashes of its predecessor. It was said to be of similar size to an eagle, with wings of fire and two razor-sharp talons. 

The Phoenix is our Ultimate Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster, and is so named for its appearance: the two Appendix Clips on the front of the holster are said to resemble the talons of a phoenix.


  • The Phoenix is designed to be worn in any position inside the waistband - the holster clips onto your belt and is worn inside your pants.
  • This holster is ideal for carrying concealed.

About This Holster

We refer to this holster as our Ultimate IWB because it comes standard with a number of features that offer incomparable concealability: its slim design prevents excess bulk, its smooth rounded edges offer maximum comfort, the detachable claw on the left side of the holster aids in concealment, and the two Appendix Clips (as opposed to a singular clip) offer maximum stability.

The Phoenix is molded to fit a specific handgun model; your handgun will only fit in the holster that is designed specifically for it. This holster does not accommodate any weapon-mounted lights, such as the TLR1 or Inforce APL. If you are running a light on your gun, you’ll want to check out the light-bearing version of The Phoenix, The Gryphon.

The Phoenix comes with two of our Appendix Clips, which hook onto your belt. The clips are available in two different sizes: 1.5", which most belts will fit through, or 1.75". The clips also come with multiple predrilled holes, which allows for adjustable ride height and adjustable cant. You choose which size Appendix Clips you prefer during checkout.  If you're not sure which size you need, you can always head over to our Extra Hardware section to purchase larger Appendix Clips. This style of clip also allows the customer to tuck their shirt in.

The customer can choose to remove the clip furthest from the concealment claw if they prefer a one-clip style holster. However, this clip does help push the gun closer to your body (which aids in concealment) due to the fact that it's placed on the curve of the holster. You should not remove the clip closest to the concealment claw, as the screws that hold it in place are used to adjust the holster's retention. Removing that clip will result in a poor fit.

As mentioned above, the holster comes with adjustable retention. It is controlled by four screws - the two screws that hold the concealment claw into place, and the two screws that hold the clip closest to the concealment claw. Adjust all four screws equally, otherwise it may result in a poor fit. This allows the customer to select a tighter or looser fit on their gun. 

The concealment claw on the left side (right side if you’re a left-handed shooter) of the holster rests against the back side of your belt, forcing the grip of the gun further into the body than normal, aiding in concealment. This is something that most customers need to get used to, as it can be uncomfortable at first. Therefore, the concealment claw is detachable, in case you decide it’s something you’d rather do without. 

This holster is made from one piece of Kydex, strategically molded around the gun, and fastened together with quality hardware.

The holster can be customized in your choice of 34 different colors or patterns. Click here to view color options.




Product Reviews

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  1. I know I can count on ACS

    Posted by Les Lava on 10th Mar 2019

    I loved my first Phoenix holster so much, I came back for another, and boy am I glad! Another holster that I love and use regularly, thanks guys!

  2. good things come to those who wait

    Posted by Les Lava on 18th Feb 2019

    This was my first time ordering from ACS, and the lead time definitely made me hesitant. But lots of folks have good things to say about them so I figured what the hell. Well I've had this holster for a little over a month now, after waiting a little less than a month for it to be made, and I am very impressed. The old adage holds true here: good things come to those who wait!

  3. my favorite

    Posted by Elliott Price on 24th Jan 2019

    Easily my favorite holster. Alpha does it again!

  4. Support America's Workers

    Posted by Pete on 22nd Jan 2019

    Can't say enough good things about this holster. Quality, comfort, price, features...this one has it all. The lead time might seem a bit long, but, when you're getting quality gear that's actually made by hand, not some machine-made garbage, it's well worth it. I love to support local business, and especially love to support hardworking Americans. Do yourself a favor and order this.

  5. Awesome for CZpo1 omega

    Posted by Sean on 5th Dec 2018

    Had a hard time finding a quality holster for my CZpo1 omega. Saw on Alpha's IG feed that they frequently make holsters for this gun, so I figured I'd give them a try and I'm really happy I did. I love this holster! Fit and function are great, and the color choices they offer are great. I went with coyote grey and the color is pretty much a perfect match to my urban grey po1. Couldn't be happier.

  6. SOLID!!

    Posted by Tim on 1st Dec 2018

    This is by far my favorite holster for AIWB. Like others have said, having two clips really makes a difference in keeping the holster level and stable. That claw does a great job at pushing the grip into my body. Us California residents do worry about printing, and the phoenix is the perfect solution.

  7. best holster out there

    Posted by Larry Atkinson on 18th Sep 2018

    I've ordered this for 3 of my guns (G19, G43, and G26) and once I get another gun I'll be buying another! The phoenix is comfortable, very concealable, and well made.

  8. CZ P01 owners. You will love this holster!

    Posted by D. Mike Collins on 5th Jun 2018

    I love my gun. Problem is, not many holster manufactures do. Hard to find high quality holsters that fit a CZ P01 like a glove. This one does. Talked with the inside rep and she told me many of the employees in the shop own CZ's which is why they have such tight fitting holsters for most CZ models. Bought two, one for each CZ P01 I own. All other holsters are now waiting in the gun safe to see the light of day. Not happening soon. Just love this holster system. Rock solid strong, tight fitting and super comfortable once I found the perfect setting configuration. Took about three weeks to get everything dialed in perfectly. The two clip system and the "claw" helps push the gun so close to my side, no one knows I'm carrying except those trained and in "the know." Took a while to come though, 45 days in all. Was a bit frustrated at having to wait so long, but now that I've had them in use for several months, it was worth the wait.

  9. Extremely Versatile

    Posted by Jeremy M. Mayle on 13th Mar 2018

    This has to be one of the most versatile holsters on the market. And I ordered it just for that reason. I already own the Prometheus for my Glock 23 and absolutely love it. (If you’re wondering, that single clip holds infinitely better than you might expect). I had always carried in the 3-4 o’clock position, not giving much thought to appendix. Enter the Phoenix. I wanted the option to remove the claw, and possibly one of the two clips. I’ve been carrying appendix with my M&P 2.0 Compact since. I’m not a big guy, so there isn’t much in the way of the AIWB position, but this holster certainly helps make it even easier. And compared to some other companies, the quality control on the polishing of the edges is one of the best I’ve seen. But perhaps the main reason I’ll continue to support this business is the top notch customer service in which they provide. I’ve asked multiple questions about multiple products over the last few years. The responses are always prompt and nothing but courteous. These folks are great Americans and deserving of all the business we can give them.

  10. comfortable holster

    Posted by Bill on 12th Oct 2017

    Ive owned many different types of holsters and this is by far the most comfortable appendix holster I’ve ever had. The retention is great and the quality is very good. Would definitely recommend if your looking for a great appendix holster.

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