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The Olympian - Competition OWB Holster


Product Description

**THIS IS A CUSTOM PRODUCT and is subject to a 20-30 day lead time, which is listed on our homepage**


In Greek mythology, the Twelve Olympians are the major deities of the Greek pantheon who gained their supremacy after a ten-year battle. 

The Olympian is our Competition Outside the Waistband (OWB) handgun holster, and is so named because of the strength, speed and endurance it takes to exit a competition as a victor. 


  • The Olympian is designed to be worn in the 3 or 4 o’clock position - the holster is attached to your belt by feeding your belt through the hardware, and it is worn on the outside of your pants.
  •  It is made especially for use during competitive shooting tournaments, and meets the requirements for competing in IDPA and USPSA matches. (But be sure to check the requirements of your league prior to ordering).

About This Holster

If you're a competitive shooter looking for an efficient and easily-accessible OWB holster, this is definitely the holster for you. 

The Olympian is molded to fit a specific handgun model; your handgun will only fit in the holster that is designed specifically for it. This holster will not accommodate a weapon-mounted light or laser, such as the TLR1 or Inforce APL. We do not offer a light-bearing OWB holster that meets the requirements for competing in IDPA or USPSA matches.

The Olympian comes with a universal belt slide, which is adjustable to size and fits belts with a width from 1.5" to 2.25" (it will accommodate many styles of competition belts). To attach the holster to your belt, feed your belt through the belt slide. This type of hardware securely fastens the holster to your belt, ensuring it can only be removed by removing your belt. The back side of the holster has several predrilled holes on it, which allows the customer to adjust the belt slide's ride height and cant. If the customer selects a cant during checkout, the belt slide will come already set up in that particular cant; the customer can still move the belt slide to a different cant position if they desire. This particular hardware is a great choice for the shooting range, because it forces the holster off your hip by about 1/2", which gives the customer easier access to the grip, resulting in faster draw speeds and reholstering. 

The "competition cut" exposes a larger section of the gun slide than normal, allowing for a smoother draw, and increased draw speeds. 

The Olympian comes with adjustable retention, which allows the customer to select a tighter or looser fit on both their gun and spare magazine. It is controlled by the two screws near the trigger guard.

This holster is made from one piece of Kydex, strategically molded around the gun and spare magazine, and fastened together with quality hardware. All of the hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee, and if at any time it breaks or is lost, we will replace it at no cost to the customer.

The holster can be customized in your choice of 33 different colors or patterns. Click here to view color options.

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