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  • The sweatshield extends up the length of the slide on the back side of the holster, aiding in comfort and better protecting the finish of the gun. Customers can also opt for no sweatshield during checkout.
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  • Top view of The Minotaur V2 showing the slight bend to the holster, which helps aid in comfort and concealability.
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The Minotaur V2 - IWB Holster/Magazine Carrier Combo


Product Description

**THIS IS A CUSTOM PRODUCT and is subject to an estimated lead time of approximately 20-30 days. Please note that our estimated lead time is an ESTIMATE, and may not always be exact. If a delay is present for custom orders placed during specific time periods, a notice will be posted on the homepage of our website - www.alphaconceal.com.**




In Greek mythology, The Minotaur was a powerful, monstrous creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man.

The Minotaur V2 is our Half-Breed Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster, and is so named because it is part handgun holster, part single magazine carrier. The Minotaur V2 features a concealment claw (more on this feature below), which was not a possible feature of the original Minotaur design (which is now discontinued). Please be assured that this is not a recall of the original Minotaur - we simply made a commonly-requested change to the design. We cannot accept returns or exchanges of the original Minotaur under any circumstances. 


  • The Minotaur V2 is designed to be worn in the appendix position (12-2 o'clock), but we've found that it performs best right at the 12 o'clock position - the holster hooks onto your belt and is worn inside your pants. When carrying in the 12 o'clock position, it is sometimes helpful to offset your belt buckle by about an inch to either the right or left side; this gives the holster enough room to hook onto your belt without interfering with the belt buckle.
  • Depending on your body type, size of gun, previous experience with Kydex holsters, and your comfort level when carrying inside the waistband, this holster can be a great option for carrying concealed in the appendix position. We ask you to strongly consider whether or not this item will work for you, prior to placing your order because we have a no-return policy. 

About This Holster

IMPORTANT: While we do try to make our holsters as minimalistic and as comfortable as possible, a holster with a built-in spare magazine carrier is NOT the right choice for everyone. Comfort, ease of use and concealability are all mainly subjective, and will vary from person to person. A large number of customers swear by this design, but others find that it can feel a bit bulky in your waistline, depending on your body type, the size of the gun you're carrying, previous experience with Kydex holsters, comfort level when carrying inside the waistband and whether or not you're running extended base plates on your magazines. All of these things vary from person to person, and just because this holster is perfect for one person, does not mean it's perfect for you. We ask you to strongly consider the points we've mentioned before placing your order because we have a no-return policy. If you have any doubt, and are concerned about waisting money on a holster you won't end up using, we strongly urge you to consider purchasing two separate pieces - a holster, and a separate spare magazine carrier. We also ask that you please consult this blog post for more information about all-in-one holsters, and this blog post for more information about being new to appendix carry. If you are still unsure, please call us at (412) 798-2629 prior to placing your order. We'd be happy to discuss it with you. 

The Minotaur V2 is molded to fit a specific handgun model and matching single magazine; your handgun will only fit in the holster that is designed specifically for it. This holster does not accommodate any weapon-mounted lights, such as the TLR1 or Inforce APL. If you are running a light on your gun, you’ll want to check out the light-bearing version of The Minotaur V2, The Centaur. 

The Minotaur V2 comes with two of our Appendix Clips, which hook onto your belt. The clips are available in two different sizes: 1.5", which most belts will fit through, or 1.75". The clips also come with multiple predrilled holes, which allows for adjustable ride height and adjustable cant. You choose which size Appendix Clips you prefer during checkout.  If you're not sure which size you need, you can always head over to our Extra Hardware section to purchase larger Appendix Clips. This style of clip also allows the customer to tuck their shirt in.

The concealment claw on the left side (right side if you're a left-handed shooter) of the holster rests against the back side of your belt, forcing the grip of the gun further into the body than normal, aiding in concealment. This is something that most customers need to get used to, as it can be uncomfortable at first. Therefore, the concealment claw is detachable, in case you decide it’s something you’d rather do without. 

The holster comes with adjustable retention, which allows the customer to select a tighter or looser fit on both their gun and spare magazine. It is controlled by three different adjustment points that adjust the retention of the handgun and the magazine separately - the two screws that hold into place the appendix clip near the trigger guard, as well as the two screws that hold the concealment claw into place, will adjust the handgun retention. The screw at the top of the holster in between the gun and the magazine will adjust the magazine retention. Your holster comes automatically set to the amount of retention we recommend.

The spare magazine carrier is molded with the bullets facing the gun.

This holster is made from one piece of Kydex, strategically molded around the gun and spare magazine, and fastened together with quality hardware. All of the hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee, and if at any time it breaks or is lost, we will replace it at no cost to the customer. 

The holster can be customized in your choice of 34 different colors or patterns. Click here to view color options.




Product Reviews

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  1. Very comfortable appendix holster!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2016

    Coming from an Incog holster, this holster by far is my favorite! The moment i put it on the feeling of it felt heavenly! So comfortable like its not even there! My draw / reloads is smoother and faster. Amazing what a good holster can do to help increase your ability to defend yourself or loved ones! Again, amazing product! Very pleased with my purchase! Thank you and God bless!

  2. solid setup

    Posted by Dan on 1st Dec 2016

    Got the holster for my Glock 19 and fits perfect. The clips are pretty solid and is pretty comfortable. Looks good feels good what else could you want. Worth the money.

  3. super uncomfortable

    Posted by Skyler Hamilton on 23rd Nov 2016

    I bought this on recommendation and I was told that it would be very comfortable to wear. Then I had to wait forever to get it. I finally got it after 42 days and it was super uncomfortable to wear and I just hate it. 8 like the design of it but to wear is a no go.

  4. Great Holster!

    Posted by Roman on 22nd Nov 2016

    5-star holster!

  5. best appendix carry option!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2016

    If you are looking to carry appendix, this is the best option. There's a lot of choices out there, and a lot are more expensive and less comfortable. Alpha concealment it what I choose to put on everyday!!

  6. Awesome comfortable affordable

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Sep 2016

    I've had my Minotaur for about a week now and I must say it is very comfortable considering I have a full size glock (22). Alpha took the time to pay attention to detail and my G22 fits perfectly in it. Very little printing and comfort makes this an ideal holster if you want a one piece holster for your pistol and mag

  7. very nice craftsmanship and functional design

    Posted by Art on 7th Sep 2016

    Great holster for a great price. The time and effort Alpha puts into their holsters is evident. My SIG938 has a mounted Siglaser on the trigger guard which Alpha was quick to offer customizing my holster after I shipped the laser to them. Didn't even affect my lead time. I like having the mag caddy with the holster and the fit is perfect on my body with my weapon. I think the direction that the mag caddy is molded would be better reversed to facilitate quicker pull and line up for reload though. I also prefer the g code clips because they're easier to manipulate when loading and unloading the rig from the body, but didn't like the price for them. I took care of that by just ordering a set on the side. Overall, I am pleased with my order and wouldn't hesitate to order again knowing how responsive and attentive Alpha is to customer needs.

  8. never worry about grabbing an extra mag

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Aug 2016

    Fits great. Had a holster on its own but had to carry extra mag in pocket but if it went down would be a bitch to grab. This is perfect and makes sense. If you're using this system for EP work you would carry an extra mag holder but now you'll have an extra mag. I wish it had a felt lining but still a great system.

  9. A solid piece of gear

    Posted by John H. on 14th Jul 2016

    If you call the guys at Alpha and ask their opinion of the minotaur, they'll tell you flat out they prefer two separate pieces (one holster and one mag caddy) because it's more comfortable. But I was sold on how cool the minotaur looked, so I went against their advice and ordered it anyways. Now that I have it, and have worn it for about a week, I can honestly say that it's really well built, and they clearly pay a ton of attention to detail. No sharp edges, everything was buffed smooth to touch. It fits the gun and mag perfectly. But true to their word, it's pretty bulky. I'll just have to get used to wearing it, but it's nice to know they're very upfront and honest about how they like it compared to two pieces. Overall, it's a very solid piece of gear.

  10. It says curved design...

    Posted by Matt on 13th Jul 2016

    It says it has a curved design, which I've found to be true I guess, however I'll be heating it and applying an extra tweak to better fit my body style. The Pistol fits snug and the retention is great, magazine fits well and I've got no issue with the ride height. My biggest issue with this rig is that I was told via the website and I called prior to purchasing to verify the 20-30 day lead time and it still was actually 45 before it reached its delivery point. Will I use it? Yes. Could it be more adjustable? Yes. should they update their customers if they're seeing a delayed production times? Yes. Should there always be someone there to answer or at least return phone calls even when "The Office" goes on vacation? Yes.

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