You Need to Ditch Your Stock Knife Sheath. Here's Why.

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Too many people settle for the stock sheath that comes standard with their fixed-blade knife.

We have a better option.

We proudly handcraft a line of functional,durable, minimalistic knife sheaths for a variety of knives - and we even take custom orders for knives not listed as options on our website. 

Compare the stock sheath to ours:

Clip Style

THEIRS: Metal clip tends to bend over time, leaving a wider opening than desired

OURS: Polymer clip is sturdy and won’t bend. Plus, all the hardware on our sheaths come with a lifetime guarantee, so if at any time it breaks, is compromised or lost, we’ll replace it at no cost to you.

THEIRS: Metal clip provides a fixed carry position, and is much wider than necessary for such a small item

OURS: Polymer clip is flexible, and can be moved side to side depending on desired carry position. The clip is also slim enough to conceal easily, but wide enough to provide proper stability

THEIRS: Metal clip does not always hook around belt. (See photos below)

OURS: Polymer clip is completely hooked around belt. (See photos below)

THEIRS: Clip can be moved to accommodate IWB/OWB carry & right/left-handed customers

OURS: Clip can be moved to accommodate right/left-handed customers. We recommend a soft loop, rather than a clip, for OWB carry, because it gives you added security. The clip can easily be removed and swapped for the soft loop, which is purchased separately in the Extra Hardware section of our website.



THEIRS: Square footprint can be uncomfortable. Plus, the footprint is much larger than it needs to be. More material means it’s difficult to get a proper grip on the knife when it’s in the sheath.

OURS: Rounded footprint conforms to the shape of the knife, making carry more comfortable and easy. Footprint is as minimal as possible. A proper grip is always possible when the knife is in the sheath.


Safety and Retention

THEIRS: Sheath has solid retention and the knife is secure when holstered.

OURS: Sheath has solid retention and the knife is secure when holstered.


Compare the stock sheath that comes with your fixed blade to our custom sheath, and you'll see why so many customers swear by ours. Our sheaths were specifically designed to outperform the stock sheath in terms of function, footprint, comfort and durability. It's a great piece of gear that we think you'll love.

Click here to browse our IWB Knife Sheaths or click here for OWB Knife Sheaths

Don't see a sheath for your fixed-blade knife? Send us an email!

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