​Year in Review: The Most Popular Products of 2017

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Every year, we run internal reports to gauge the popularity and performance of our diverse line of products. The results vary from year to year, and it’s always interesting to see what products our customers are excited about each year.

This year, we figured we'd share those results with our customers, in the hopes that it assists them in the buying process.

Here’s a look at the top 5 most popular products (gauged by the total units sold) from Alpha Concealment Systems in 2017:

1) The Single Pistol Magazine Carrier

This piece of gear has been our most popular product for several years, and we theorize that it’s due to the product’s extreme versatility, ease of use, low cost and necessity.

Adding a spare magazine to your everyday carry is a great idea, because you never know when you’ll be caught in a situation that requires more bullets.

We’re hoping that this popularity trend continues in the years to come, as we always advocate not only for carrying a spare magazine, but for carrying it properly. A spare mag won’t do you any good if it’s stuffed into your pockets or purse – it should always be extremely accessible and stored in the correct orientation to ensure fast action.

Check out our Single Pistol Magazine Carrier by clicking here.

2) The Phoenix – Ultimate IWB Holster

This holster was new to our line-up this year, so it’s no surprise that it’s the number-two seller for 2017.

This inside-the-waistband holster is referred to as “ultimate” because it comes standard with a number of features that offer incomparable concealability – a slim design to reduce bulk, rounded edges to help make it more comfortable, the belt hardware (appendix clips) is tuckable and allows for adjustable ride height, two appendix clips helps stabilize and secure the holster, and our concealment claw helps push the grip of your gun closer to your body, aiding in concealment.

Lots of customers swear by this set up, and we’re hoping to see that trend continue into 2018.

Check out our Phoenix Ultimate IWB Holster by clicking here.

3) The Apollo – Appendix IWB Holster

(Belt hardware shown is the appendix soft loop)

We love The Apollo! It’s a tried and true option that has continued to be a best seller year after year.

It’s a really great option for customers who are new to appendix carry, and don’t really know how to pick the best holster for that carry position. We say this because The Apollo comes standard with all the necessary features for appendix carry – tuckable belt hardware (our appendix clip or appendix soft loop), adjustable ride height, no cant and a minimalistic design.

It’s also a versatile piece of gear because if you decide that appendix carry just isn’t your style, the holster functions well in other carry positions too.

Check out our Apollo Appendix IWB Holster by clicking here.

4) The Prometheus – Standard IWB Holster

Another tried and true product of ours is The Prometheus.

We love this holster because it’s perfect for customers who are new to Kydex, new to carrying inside the waistband, and/or those folks who just want something minimalistic and simple.

Plus, you can wear it in any position inside the waistband.

Check out our Prometheus Standard IWB Holster by clicking here.

5) The Minotaur – Half Breed IWB

(Shown above: The original version of The Minotaur, which was discontinued this year)

(Shown above: The updated version of The Minotaur, now available)

While this holster is a really awesome option for customers who want a holster with a built-in magazine carrier, it’s no surprise that it came in at number five for the year.

That’s because this product was actually discontinued, and replaced by a secondary version in September. The secondary version features our concealment claw, which was a commonly requested feature for this holster that we couldn’t make work with the previous design.

Because the original product wasn’t available for quite some time, and then the new version dropped in late fall, the product didn’t have much time to compete with the other best sellers.

We’re still big fans of this product, and hope to see its popularity pick up next year.

Check out The Minotaur V2 – IWB Holster/Magazine Carrier Combo by clicking here.

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