​Pros and Cons: Carrying a Fixed Blade as Part of Your EDC

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Knives have been an essential tool for humans throughout history. And yet, there still remains a debate over whether or not it’s a necessary part of your everyday carry (EDC).

In this blog post, we break down the pros and cons of adding a fixed-blade knife to your EDC, allowing you to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

Above: Customer photo featuring our Centaur Light-Bearing IWB Holster/Magazine Carrier Combo.


  • It’s an extremely functional piece of gear

Need to cut open a box?

Need to pry open a paint can?

Need to cut your fishing line?

Need to shave down a small piece of wood?

Most fixed blades can perform those functions pretty darn well, and then some.

Of course, some blades are made specifically for self-defense, and their design may not lend themselves to the tasks mentioned above. We suggest doing your research to find a blade that lends itself to a variety of purposes.

  • There is a very small chance of mechanical failure

Fixed blades remain open at all times, so there’s no need to worry about the knife collapsing while in use (it happens more than you’d like with folding knives).

  • It’s fast to deploy in time of need

With practice, you can effectively draw your fixed blade from your sheath in less than one second. That timing will come in handy in the event you need to use the knife as a self-defense tool, or in an emergency situation.

Imagine being in a car accident, and being able to quickly and effectively cut your jammed seatbelt – that allows you to escape a dangerous wreck faster, and possibly help others who may be trapped.

  • It’s your backup in a self-defense situation

Backup is always a good thing to have, and a fixed blade is a small piece of gear that can add to your safety and peace of mind.

Above: Customer photo featuring our Cyclopes Light-Bearing IWB Holster, Single Pistol Magazine Carrier and OWB Knife Sheath for the RAT-3.

  • It’s easily concealed

With the proper sheath, your fixed blade should have a minimal footprint, and easy-to-use belt hardware, making it virtually disappear under your clothing.

  • It doesn’t take up much real estate on your belt

Again, with the right sheath, the footprint of the knife should be quite minimal. You probably won’t even notice you’ve added it to your EDC.

Above: Customer photo featuring our Phoenix Ultimate IWB Holster, Single Pistol Magazine Carrier and OWB Knife Sheath for the KA-BAR Jarosz Globetrotter.


  • You need to make sure you’re always familiarized with the local bylaws of the municipality you’re in

We’re not just talking about the town or city you live in. Whenever you cross municipality lines, the bylaws may change. That means even if you’re legally allowed to carry a concealed knife in the town you reside, that may not be the case in the town next door, where you’re having dinner tonight. Always check the town/city laws for regulations about carrying a knife.

These types of laws are very sticky, and can dictate things from whether or not you’re allowed to carry a blade at all, and whether it can be concealed or not, all the way down to the length of the blade that’s permitted.

  • You need to make sure you train properly

Fixed blades are very sharp (duh). One wrong move and you could end up with a slice in your hand. Train as often as possible, practicing drawing from your sheath and using the knife.

  • You need to ensure the knife is secured properly

Does your knife rattle around in the stock sheath that it came with? Is the sheath loose around the knife? Does it hang around your neck?

All of these things make your knife less secure, and more likely to injure you.

Above: Customer photo featuring our IWB Knife Sheath for the KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement.

  • It costs money to buy the knife, and possibly replace the stock sheath with a better quality one

If you’re tight on funds, this is definitely worth a consideration. But, then again, safety and security are one of those things we’d put in the “priceless” category.

Here are some fixed-blade knives we would recommend:

Did you know? We make custom sheaths for all of the fixed blades mentioned above. Our sheaths are designed to outperform the stock sheaths in a number of ways, making carrying your knife a safer, easier experience.

Click here to read a comparison of the stock sheath to our custom sheath.

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