Not Another Cookie-Cutter Holster: Inside Our Philosophy

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Go ahead and call us old fashioned. We don’t mind one bit.

That's because our company, our process and our products are all built on the idea that just because there is a faster and cheaper way of getting something done, does not mean it's the right way.

We're not knocking the other guys; we're simply saying that's not our way of doing things.

We have never mass-produced our products, nor do we rely on advanced technology or automated mechanical processes to churn out product after product. And we don't enlist computer-aided design (CAD) systems when it comes to our design or molding processes.

We're skilled craftsmen, and we work incredibly hard to produce each and every product...not babysitters of machines that do the work for us.

We're not afraid to be different. And we take incredible pride in the fact that we work with our hands, leaning on our skills, experience and knowledge to produce expertly-crafted gear

that is handmade from start to finish. Unlike a lot of our competitors, our products are always built by hand, by real people, not automated machines. And while those competitors may call us old fashioned or outdated, we take that as a compliment. Because we believe that advanced technology doesn't make a better product; people do.

We're proud to have offered quality, consistency and fair pricing since day one, and we stand firm in our commitment to our craft - we'll never change who we are as a company simply to turn a profit. And that's something that's not easy to find these days.

If you're looking for a mass-produced holster that was vacuum formed, cut by a computer-controlled machine (CNC), and finished off by an assembly line, you won't find it here.

But if you're looking for a holster that was individually crafted and customized to your unique selections, molded, cut, buffed, drilled and assembled by hand, Alpha Concealment Systems would be honored to be considered as an option in your search for quality Kydex® products.

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