​FAQs: What Does the Lifetime Guarantee Cover?

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We pride ourselves on using only the best materials to manufacture our products.

That’s why the hardware on every holster, magazine carrier and knife sheath is covered by Alpha Concealment Systems’ lifetime guarantee.

If at any time the hardware on your product breaks, or you lose something (i.e. a screw, a washer, etc.), simply contact Customer Service and we’ll send out the replacement parts at no cost to you.

To order your free replacement parts, email Customer Service at info@alphaconceal.com with your original order number. We’ll also ask for your full name and current shipping address.

If you are replacing a broken piece of hardware, please also send us a picture of the holster.

This guarantee does not extend to the Kydex product itself. It is important to take proper care of your product, as to avoid compromising the safety and security of it. We do not replace holsters, magazine carriers knife sheaths, or any other Kydex products that have been damaged due to personal use.

Please click here for more information about proper care of your products.

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