FAQS: Can I Use a Light-Bearing Holster Without the Light?

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Here at Alpha Concealment Systems, we offer a variety of gun holsters that will accommodate a weapon-mounted light or laser. We call these types of holsters LIGHT-BEARING. 

Question: Can I use my light-bearing holster when the light is not attached?

Answer: In short, no.

The light-bearing holsters that we manufacture are built around the specific set up you choose during checkout – i.e. the firearm you’re using and the weapon-mounted light that is attached.

This means that your holster will only accommodate that specific set up.

So when the weapon-mounted light is removed, the fit and function of the holster is compromised. Your retention will be off, and the firearm will not be securely holstered.

For safety reasons, we advise all customers to always use the proper holster for their set up – i.e. if the holster was made for a Glock 43 with TLR6, you should only use that holster for the Glock 43 with TL6 attached.

Want to shop all of our light-bearing holsters? Click here. Or, click on one of the products below to shop that product specifically.

The Centaur - Light-Bearing IWB Holster/Magazine Carrier Combo

Part light-bearing handgun holster, part spare magazine carrier, this rig is great for concealed carry in the 12 o'clock position.

The Cyclopes - Light-Bearing IWB Holster

A somewhat minimalistic light-bearing holster that can be worn in any carry position inside-the-waistband. Customers can choose from multiple belt hardware options (different styles of clips, or soft loops).

The Gryphon - Ultimate Light-Bearing IWB Holster

One of our most popular light-bearing models, this holster offers a Concealment Claw to help with printing.

The Hyperion - Standard Light-Bearing OWB Holster

A no-frills outside-the-waistband holster that is ideal for concealed carry on the hip, or open carry.

The Kratos - Enhanced Light-Bearing OWB Holster

The perfect companion for the shooting range, this outside-the-waistband holster is lauded for its versatility.

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