Changes to Kryptek Patterns

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At Alpha Concealment Systems, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality components to craft our holsters. That’s why we carefully select each and every supplier that we work with.

An important change is currently taking place with one of our suppliers, whom we purchase a large portion of our Kydex from.

What's Going On?

In keeping with their commitment to constantly strive to improve their products, this particular supplier (one of the only licensed companies permitted to print Kryptek Outdoor Group® patterns) has begun the process to alter their Kydex to more accurately reflect the actual Kryptek fabric prints.

Several of the newly designed prints – such as Kryptek Typhon and Kryptek Neptune have already replaced the initial designs, and have marked a permanent change since early 2016. Since then, Typhon has been altered once or twice, and we are currently unsure which version they plan to stick with.

In addition, several months ago, a new design of Kryptek Mandrake was rolled out, however, this week, we received a shipment featuring the initial design, and we were informed that they are reverting back to the original while they redesign for a second time. We have never once been provided with information about these changes prior to the change taking place, so we are never sure what version of the Kryptek patterns to expect when receiving shipments. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that.

We have been informed that slowly but surely, ALL of the Kryptek patterns that are printed on Kydex will be changed to better match the fabric. Our understanding is that this change was ordered directly by Kryptek Outdoor Group.

We’ve been informed that all of the licensed companies permitted to print Kryptek patterns will eventually be undergoing these same changes, if they have not already, so this is not a question of working with a different supplier to avoid the changes.

The process of rolling out all the new designs has been a slow one, as we’ve been told that per instructions from Kryptek Outdoor Group, our supplier is working to gauge the reception of the new designs, one by one, and then making changes based on customer feedback and further instruction from Kryptek Outdoor Group.

What Does This Mean for Alpha Customers?

All of the Kryptek patterns used to make our products may be ever-so-slightly different in color and sharpness than they previously have been.

This means that if you place an order for an item in a Kryptek print, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the patterns will be 100 percent identical to what is shown in the photographs on our website/social media, nor can we guarantee that it will be an exact match to Kryptek gear that you may already own from us. The changes are not overtly noticeable, however, if you’re looking for an exact match, we suggest ordering all your gear at one time because we are unfortunately unable to guarantee which version of the pattern a customer may receive. However, if a customer places one order for several products in one particular Kryptek pattern, we will do our best to ensure all the pieces are made in the same version of the pattern. Subsequent orders may be made in a different version - there is no way to guarantee a match to a previous order.

We are unaware of what will occur in the design process going forward, and we sincerely apologize for that.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea that the patterns may not be exactly as advertised, or that they may not match existing Kryptek gear from us that you already own, we suggest that you select another color or pattern. We will not be able to honor returns, refunds, exchanges or cancellations. A full disclaimer is listed on our website, and we encourage all customers to read it prior to ordering any of our products in a Kryptek pattern - click here to view the disclaimer (a new link will open, and the disclaimer is at the bottom of that page).

What if I Just Order From Another Holster Company?

We never want to pressure our customers into placing an order they are not comfortable with, so of course, customers are always welcome to place orders with other companies. That being said, this is an issue that all Kydex holster companies that use officially licensed Kryptek patterns are dealing with, whether they choose to make it public knowledge or not. 

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