Can I Use an Appendix Holster for More Than Just Appendix Carry?

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It happens more than you’d think: you bought a holster specifically designed for appendix carry, and whoops – it turns out that appendix carry just isn’t for you. Of course, one of your first thoughts is going to be, “Great…another holster I can’t use. Guess I’ll just add it to the drawer full of rejects…”

Think again.

If you’ve ordered from Alpha Concealment Systems, your appendix carry holster can serve you well in several other carry positions.

Now, that’s not the case with EVERY appendix carry holster we make – for instance, some of our designs (such as The Minotaur V2 and The Centaur) can only be carried directly in the 12 o’clock position. If you’re interested in ordering either of those holsters, we urge you to check out this blog post and weigh the pros and cons of those specific rigs.

But, other styles of appendix carry holsters are quite versatile when it comes to carry position.

Case in point: The Apollo Appendix IWB Holster.

Don’t let the name fool you: while it’s optimized to take the guesswork out of appendix carry (we’ll get into that in a minute), it works perfectly well in other positions too. So don’t worry if you bought it hoping to give appendix carry a try, but you’re not happy carrying in that position; The Apollo is built to basically do it all.

We refer to it as our “Appendix IWB Holster” simply because it’s a great, basic holster for customers who are new to appendix carry. Why?

  • It’s incredibly minimalistic, creating the smallest footprint possible, while still maintaining proper safety and security of your firearm. That’s an important factor when it comes to issues like comfort and printing. Of course, we can’t guarantee that every customer will find it 100% comfortable (comfort is pretty subjective), but we take steps to try and maximize comfort where possible.
  • The belt hardware – our appendix clip – allows the customer to tuck their shirt in (an ideal feature when you’re carrying up front).
  • The belt hardware also gives the customer the ability to adjust the ride height (click here to read a tutorial on that), which can be very helpful in terms of comfort and concealability in the appendix position. Everyone has a different body size and shape, and being able to adjust where the holster sits helps make the experience more personal and comfortable.
  • The holster has smooth, rounded edges (actually, all of our holsters do!), so you’re not being poked in the crotch by sharp, square edges (ouch!) like you would be when wearing a holster made by some of our competitors.

But all of those features are desirable in other carry positions, too. And with the design of The Apollo, making the switch to hip carry is as easy as moving your holster from the front, to the side.

Above: The Apollo Appendix IWB Holster, worn in the appendix-carry position (1 o'clock).

Above: The Apollo Appendix IWB Holster, worn in the hip-carry position (3 o'clock).

You can also use the holster further towards the back – anywhere from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock. And while it will also function just fine in the small of back, it’s a bit trickier to grab, and it’s not something we really recommend.

Above: The Apollo Appendix IWB Holster, worn in the hip-carry position (5 o'clock).

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