Alpha Concealment Staff Member Featured on Female Firearm Enthusiast Website

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We're pretty proud of the culture we've built here at Alpha Concealment Systems, and we like to think that we do a stand-up job of providing a comfortable work environment for the men and women that make Alpha possible. And part of that involves ensuring equal opportunities for the Alpha females that work here. 

So when we found out that one of our own - Director of Communications Katrina Powell - was featured as a "Woman of Caliber" on the female firearm enthusiast website Pew Pew and Ponytails, we were thrilled! 

Katrina does an impeccable job handling just about everything communications-related, and it was exciting for us to see her featured as someone who is "helping to reshape and contribute to the firearm industry, not just on the range, but from behind the desks and screens of some of your favorite products." 

Check out the article here to learn a little more about Katrina, her background and how she's working to bridge the gender gap in the firearms industry. 

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