​16 Wild-Game Recipes to Keep You Satisfied This Hunting Season

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It's a common problem that many hunters face: you've got plenty of game meat in your freezer, but you're tired of making the same meals over and over. 

But with this list, lackluster dinners will be a thing of the past. We’ve rounded up some of the most mouthwatering wild-game recipes on the Internet that are bound to make you say, “Let’s eat already!” 

Looking for an easy-to-make wild-game recipe that will feed your whole hunting crew? We've got that too...

Sorry, not sorry, in advance for making you hungry.

1. Venison Bratwurst

(Photo from Field & Stream)

Don’t put away your grill just yet! Brought to you by Field & Stream, this recipe promises to deliver a juicy brat by mixing equal parts venison roast and pork butt, smothered in a spicy mustard and paired with pickles.

2. Ghost Pepper Bison Chili

(Photo from Allrecipes.com)

A hearty recipe that you can top with all your favorite fixings: avocado, sour cream and cheese. Need we say more?

3. Stuffed Wild Turkey Breast

(Photo from Mossy Oak)

This recipe comes to you from Mossy Oak, whose writers proclaim, “Once your family tries this recipe, they’ll be begging for more which means more time in the woods for you!”

4. Spicy Orange Bison Balls

(Photo from Allrecipes.com)

A delicious spin on a beef classic, this recipe serves up a handful of flavor.

5. Venison Burgers

(Photo from Honest-Food.net)

What’s not to love about a venison burger? This recipe takes you through all the minute details that go into crafting “the perfect burger,” and we have to say, the end result looks pretty damn delicious.

6. Bison Brisket Hoagies

(Photo from The Outdoor Channel)

This brisket looks downright mouthwatering – it’s slow cooked for seven hours, then pulled apart and topped with a tangy, red-bell-pepper BBQ sauce.

7. Duck Tacos

(Photo from Field & Stream)

Spice up your typical Taco Tuesday with rich, juicy duck breast and flavors of pickled red onions and radish. Quite simply, “these are the best damn duck tacos you will ever eat.”

8. Bacon-Wrapped Buffalo Meatloaf

(Photo from Allrecipes.com)

It’s wrapped in bacon. Enough said.

9. Brie-Stuffed Elk Sliders

(Photo from Nevadafoodies.com)

Feeling fancy? These gourmet sliders (aka mini hamburgers) ooze with a generous helping of brie cheese, topped off with baby arugula. It’s a meal that’s simple to make, but still fit for foodies.

10. Elk Lasagna

(Photo from NRA Family)

This hearty dish will keep you coming back for more. Pro tip: The author suggests cooking this meal over a campfire (that is, if you’re willing to take on the challenge).

11. Hawaiian Duck Poppers

(Photo from Field & Stream)

This video tutorial from Field & Stream provides a tropical take on traditional duck poppers, trading the bite of jalapeño for the sweet tang of pineapple.

12. Wild Turkey Chimichangas

(Photo from Mossy Oak)

Looking for an easy recipe that will feed your whole hunting crew? Enter Wild Turkey Chimichangas. But be warned – if you make this dish during turkey camp, your crew will expect a repeat year after year.

13. Grilled Venison Tacos

(Photo from Nevadafoodies.com)

A fusion of cuisines, combined with a medley of spices, turn these backstrap tacos into a mouthwatering addiction.

14. Bear Spaghetti

(Photo from NRA Family)

NRA Family shows you how to utilize your stores of bear meat, combining it with pork butts to make a spicy, savory sausage everyone is sure to love.

15. Cheesy Bison Pepperoni Pizza Turnovers

(Photo from Allrecipes.com)

Spicy bison sausage is the star of this dish, which transforms simple ingredients into a dinnertime favorite.

16. Wild Duck Jerky

(Photo from Honest-food.net)

Who doesn’t love jerky? I mean, really. And this recipe is sure to impress your hunting buddies while you're hanging out in the duck blind.

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