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​Carrying Concealed in Cold Weather

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As we drift deeper into fall, and prepare to be met by the crisp chill that whips through the air every autumn, I’m also preparing to make an important change to my EDC.

It’s that time of year when bulkier clothing becomes commonplace, and it’ll soon be necessary to pile on the layers in order to brave the harsh wintery climate.

And with that change in temperature and clothing style comes another necessary change: retiring the handgun and holster you’ve been using all summer.

Photo above: Our Hyperion Light-Bearing OWB Holster is a great holster for fall/winter.

In warm weather, carrying concealed with a small firearm comes with a number of benefits (comfort and concealability, just to name a couple). And when you’re carrying inside the waistband, your firearm is always easily accessible, yet out of plain view.

But once that cold weather rolls around, you’re no longer wearing minimal layers to beat the heat – if you’re carrying inside the waistband, your firearm is now likely underneath a number of layers, not to mention, your jacket.

And in the event that you need to use your weapon, you’ll first have to fumble around while lifting up all that fabric before finally reaching your gun – that’s wasting precious time you don’t have.

Cold weather is a great excuse to swap out that smaller-framed gun for a larger one, as the clothing options for winter make concealing a full-size much easier.

Not to mention, because you're changing your attire, cold weather also gives you the ability to carry concealed in an outside the waistband, helping you save time and effort when you need to access your on-body firearm.

An OWB works perfectly under a suit jacket, a raincoat, a winter jacket, a puffer vest, a hunting vest, a sweatshirt, and even some loose shirts, sweaters and blouses. 

Photo above: Our Hyperion Light-Bearing OWB Holster is easily concealed under a jacket or vest.

Our Ares Standard OWB holster, and the light-compatible version - The Hyperion Light-Bearing OWB, are two really great options for this very purpose. Both designs are meant to hug your hip tightly, allowing you to easily conceal your firearm without added bulk on your hip.

And if you want them to ride even closer to the body, you can opt for the Pancake Wings as the belt hardware on your OWB holster – those will pull that holster as close as possible to your hip.

And when the frost begins to thaw come spring, both holsters serve as the perfect companion for the shooting range, so you’re continuing to get your money’s worth well after winter ends.

Check out the customer photos below, and click on the links below to learn more about the two products discussed in this blog post.

Click here to learn more about The Ares Standard OWB Holster

Photo above: Customer photo of our Ares OWB Holster by Instagram user @zitropi

Photo above: Customer photo of our Ares OWB Holster by Instagram user @ginger.snaps.a.cap

Photo above: Customer photo of our Ares OWB holster by Instagram user @typhon_12

Click here to learn more about The Hyperion Light-Bearing OWB Holster

Photo above: Customer photo of our Hyperion Light-Bearing OWB Holster from Instagram user @g_mods

Photo above: Customer photo of our Hyperion Light-Bearing OWB Holster by Instagram user @militarymindset

Photo above: Customer photo of our Hyperion Light-Bearing OWB Holster by Instagram user @sammychid

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