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Product Spotlight: The Phoenix Ultimate IWB Holster

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It’s only been six months since we unveiled our Ultimate line of IWB holsters, and since then, customers have been going crazy over them! The line-up includes two holsters – The Gryphon Ultimate Light-Bearing IWB, and The Phoenix Ultimate IWB.

We refer to them as our Ultimate holsters because they come standard with a number of awesome features that offer incomparable concealability.

And while both have been incredibly popular since their debut, The Phoenix has definitely been picking up more speed. So we thought we’d flesh out some of the features that make it so great in today’s blog post. So read up, and get to know the holster that is quickly becoming a best-seller!


In Greek mythology, the phoenix was a legendary creature with an incredibly long lifespan. At the end of its life, it would die in a show of flames and combustion, a new phoenix rising from the ashes of its predecessor. It was said to be of similar size to an eagle, with wings of fire and two razor-sharp talons.

Our Phoenix Ultimate IWB holster is so named for its appearance and its heritage: the two Appendix Clips on the front of the holster mimic the talons of a phoenix, and its design is a direct descendent of The Gryphon IWB holster – which pays homage to another phoenix-like creature.

Product Facts

  • The holster is molded to fit a specific handgun; your handgun will only fit the holster it’s specifically designed for. Furthermore, if you’re running a weapon-mounted light or laser on your gun, this holster will not work – Please check out the light-bearing version of The Phoenix instead, The Gryphon.
  • The slim design of the holster ensures a minimal footprint, and no excess bulk.
  • It comes with two 1.5" Appendix Clips, which most belts will fit through. There is also the option to select two 1.75" Appendix Clips during checkout. Both clips have several predrilled holes on them, which allows for adjustable ride height and adjustable cant.
  • The clips hook onto your belt, and the holster is worn inside your pants. It can be worn in any position inside the waistband.
  • The two clips offer the ideal amount of stability for the holster. If desired, the customer can remove the clip FURTHEST from the concealment claw; the holster will still function well with only one clip. (The reason you don’t want to remove the clip closest to the concealment claw is because it helps control the retention on the gun).
  • The holster comes with two points of adjustable retention, ensuring it has the exact amount of retention you need. Control the retention by tightening or loosening the two screws that hold the concealment claw into place, as well as the two screws that hold the clip closest to the concealment claw. Adjusting one area but not the other will cause a poor fit.
  • One clip is strategically placed on the curve of the holster, helping to further push the holster and gun closer to your body.
  • The concealment claw on the left side of the holster rests against the back side of your belt, forcing the grip of the gun further into the body than normal (vice versa if you're left handed). This is something that most customers need to get used to, as it can be uncomfortable at first. Therefore, the concealment claw is detachable, in case you decide it’s something you’d rather do without.
  • This holster is made from one piece of Kydex, strategically molded around the gun and rail-mounted light, and fastened together with quality hardware.
  • The holster can be customized in your choice of 33 different colors or patterns. Click here to view color options

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